Jul 9, 2007

Choosing scripting language (Bash vs Perl vs Python vs Ruby)

Not Java but definitely Enterprise.

Like many other companies one day we faced the problem when bash was not enough for facilitating work of our product. We started investigation about what language to use to use in addition to simple bash scripts.

As you see Python is a winner due to the simplest syntax and good experience of using it in Google and Amazon.

Hope this helps to make scripting in our company more consistent.


anjanBacchu said...

hi there,

I didn't know that python was used at Amazon as well. I know that they use Java a lot and one of their recent sites used Rails.

Yahoo's yellow pages used to use Python as well and Microsoft now has IronPython. So you have the 4 top software publishers using Python.


anjanBacchu said...

Hi There,

I'm wondering the choice of your blog name . It says "J2EE Cookbok" : did you mean "J2EE Cookbook" ?

Thank you,


Mykola Paliyenko said...

Spell checking Matters :)
thanks Anjanb. Corrected title

Mykola Paliyenko said...

I do not know if Amazon using it in Web, but I've read posts from IT guys from Amazon about using Python in operations and infrastructure parts of Amazon. And actually this research was about what language to use there.
For web we are still happy with Java

ignas said...

And what do you think about groovy? :)

Mykola Paliyenko said...

Groovy? Seems like worth including in the research, but too late now. Should fail on library availability and it is not known to any of my team.

Roubaix said...

If your team knows Java, its a real easy transition to Groovy. Groovy library? Its the JDK